Two network cards on XP with SP2

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Thu Nov 10 23:11:02 2005

Hi Geza,

Glad to hear you resolved the problem & thanks for the useful info.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> >VNC Server will accept connections on all network interfaces, it 
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> Wez,
> What happened, yesterday I removed this PC from a domain (remotely 
> using RealVNC) and at the same time I also changed the priority of 
> networks in "advanced network settings". After rebooting it I could 
> not log in the workstation with RealVNC.
> (This was the time when I "cried out loud" for help assuming that the 
> priority change caused RealVNC not "riding the waves" of the NIC card 
> that it used to.)
> So, I had get up from my fictitious "lazy boy" and actually walk to 
> the PC. THEN I noticed, that the window of "Windows Security 
> Settings" was up notifying what part of it was not working. I got 
> suspicious and opened the XP Firewall settings and realized that all 
> custom settings were gone.
> Basically what I learned from this, that if you remove an XP/sp2 
> workstation from a domain, the XP firewall looses all custom 
> settings, so don't do this remotely with the Firewall on, 
> unless either
> a) you have somebody there to add ReaVNC to the firewall after 
> restarting the PC or
> b) maybe (I have not tested it), you have to turn Windows firewall 
> off before you remove the PC from a domain REMOTELY.
> Geza
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