I MUST Hide The Server Icon !

matelot webtourist "at" gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 22:32:01 2005

If you don't have a tray icon for your VNC server then you're either running
a very old release that has been mis-configured, or a VNC 4.x release hacked
by a third party to remove the icon. Standard VNC 4.x series releases
always show a tray icon.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

OK, I really MUST need the Server icon NOT showing else VNC is plain
useless to me.

Reason: I need help ! I need to take some action !
I need to monitor my kid !!! I suspect she's been chatting with
questionalble characters and visiting bad sites.

So can the icon be hidden with "VNC 3.3.7" ???

Please responde ASAP

Win XP sp-1