Dynamic desktop sizing?

David Rogoff david "at" therogoffs.com
Thu Nov 10 21:38:01 2005

Hi all.

I've been looking for info on dynamic desktop resizing, and hoped 
someone had the latest.  I'm looking to do a couple of things.  First, 
I'm running the server in Linux (RH Ent 3&4) and the client on Win2k/XP 
and Mac (Chicken of the VNC). 

The first thing I'm looking for is a way to start a server session from 
the client side, like Citrix or Exceed has.

Related to that, I'm trying to figure out how to automatically start the 
server with the largest dimensions that can be displayed on my client, 
somehow automatically feeding the screen size.

Finally, it would be great to dynamically resize the desktop size since 
I often reconnect to a server session from various clients on machine 
with different screen resolutions.  I see the "Allow dynamic desktop 
resizing" option in the VNC client, but can't find anything about 
support for this in various VNC servers.  I also read somewhere that 
because of the limitations of the X server, this can't work with the 
Unix/Linux server.  Can someone shed some more light on this?