Two network cards on XP with SP2

Roman Rozinov rroman "at"
Thu Nov 10 18:50:01 2005

Windows Firewall maintains two policies for its configuration. One is
used when machine is in the workgroup and the other for the domain
environment.  You can pre-configure workgroup policy using "netsh" and
make sure that RealVNC is specified.  So when machine is removed from
the AD, you can still get to it.


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What happened, yesterday I removed this PC from a domain (remotely using
RealVNC) and at the same time I also changed the priority of networks in
"advanced network settings". After rebooting it I could not log in the
workstation with RealVNC.
(This was the time when I "cried out loud" for help assuming that the
priority change caused RealVNC not "riding the waves" of the NIC card
that it used to.)

So, I had get up from my fictitious "lazy boy" and actually walk to the
PC. THEN I noticed, that the window of "Windows Security Settings" was
up notifying what part of it was not working. I got suspicious and
opened the XP Firewall settings and realized that all custom settings
were gone.

Basically what I learned from this, that if you remove an XP/sp2
workstation from a domain, the XP firewall looses all custom settings,
so don't do this remotely with the Firewall on, unless either

a) you have somebody there to add ReaVNC to the firewall after
restarting the PC or
b) maybe (I have not tested it), you have to turn Windows firewall off
before you remove the PC from a domain REMOTELY.

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