Can't Connect

John Aldrich JAldrich "at"
Thu Nov 10 13:53:00 2005

Yep. Since you were able to telnet to localhost 5900, and got the RFB
prompt, that means the server *is* listening. Now we have to find out if you
get the RFB prompt from outside the network. Here's a question that'll
answer if the Speedstream is acting as a router or just a modem... the IP
address for your network card, is it a 192.168.x.y, a 10.x.y.z or is it a
"real" IP address? 

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On the server, I can telnet IP 5900 and the telnet
window opens with the RFB prompt.  My DSL model is
Siemens speedstream 4100 ethernet ADSL modem.

I don't have any remotes available right now so I
can't try the telnet remotely. That's what I'll be
doing next.

Since I've yet to see this thing work, what SHOULD
happen?  After I enter the server IP, what should come
next?  I assume a password and then I'm in?

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