I can connect

James Weatherall jnw "at" realvnc.com
Thu Nov 10 11:43:00 2005


It sounds like the original viewer site you were connecting from has a
firewall for outgoing connections.  It may even be that they only support
HTTP(S) connections outgoing, and that they run a proxy for those - this
appears to be increasingly common.  If that's the case, then you'll need
something like GNU HTTPtunnel to make your VNC connection look like web
traffic back to your server computer...

Some other things to bear in mind:
- Having an un-firewalled Windows Me machine connected directly to the
Internet is a good way of ensuring that you always have the latest
- Current VNC Free Edition releases do not encrypt session traffic - this is
available in VNC Personal & Enterprise Editions, or you can tunnel VNC Free
Edition sessions through something like SSH.
- HTTP tunnelling support is in development for VNC Enterprise/Personal
Edition (amongst other upcoming features).
- VNC Enterprise/Personal Edition can be made to use a single port to serve
both the Java VNC Viewer and for the VNC connections themselves, simplifying
firewall configuration.  This could be combined with the upcoming HTTP
tunnelling support to allow access to your home system from any Java-enabled
browser through any HTTP proxy/firewall (well, almost any).

Hope that helps,

Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> I got a friend on the phone and had him download the
> viewer.  He could ping and telnet me. Then he ran the
> viewer.  His MacAfee anti-viral gave a warning and
> asked if he wanted to continue.  After that it was
> SUCCESS!!  So my original problem must be in the
> system where my remote viewer was located.  Any ideas
> what I should do at the viewing site to be able to
> access my server?  I anticipate connecting from
> various sites with firewalls and some really
> restrictive net filtering installed.  
> Anyway, thanks a lot for helping me thru this so far!
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