Can't Connect

Alex Pelts alexp "at"
Wed Nov 9 20:52:00 2005

There is also possibility that your company is blocking all ports going 
out, except some. For instance port 80 and 21 are allowed but anything 
else is blocked.
You can verify this by telnetting to a different ports. If port is 
blocked you may get a long timeout. If it is not blocked you will get a 
short timeout with connection refused message.

Although at my work I get short timeout when port is blocked with no 
messages. I guess it depends on how firewall at your workplace is 

You can pick one port that is open, 80 being most likely example, and 
configure server to listen on this port.

Do you have a proxy in your web browser? If you do, your company most 
likely blocking all of the ports and you will have little luck getting out.


chris downs wrote:
> First off, I appreciate you guys trying to help me.
> My situation:  Server is running Windows ME connected
> to the internet via a DSL connection.  There is no
> firewall.  My viewer is running XP on a LAN which has
> a firewall.  I cannot change any settings about my
> connections on the viewer end.  I can do anything I
> want on the server end.  (The goal is to access my
> home computer from anywhere.)  I am using version
> 4.1.1 of server and viewer which I just downloaded.  I
> can ping the server, but when I start the viewer and
> enter the IP address, I get connection refused 10061
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