Can't Connect

John Aldrich JAldrich "at"
Wed Nov 9 20:13:01 2005

Does your DSL modem connect directly to your PC or is there a router in
between? Also, what brand DSL modem do you have? Some DSL modems are
actually routers, and you'll need to configure port-forwarding in the
modem/router to allow you to connect.

One quick test: telnet to the *external* Ip address of your server on port
5900 (i.e. telnet <ip.address.of.server> 5900) and see if you get an "RFB"
prompt. If you do, then there's something else going on. Get back to us on
the answers to these questions, please. Also, do you have any sort of
antivirus running? Some antivirus apps reportedly consider VNC to be a
"hostile app" and will block it.

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First off, I appreciate you guys trying to help me.

My situation:  Server is running Windows ME connected
to the internet via a DSL connection.  There is no
firewall.  My viewer is running XP on a LAN which has
a firewall.  I cannot change any settings about my
connections on the viewer end.  I can do anything I
want on the server end.  (The goal is to access my
home computer from anywhere.)  I am using version
4.1.1 of server and viewer which I just downloaded.  I
can ping the server, but when I start the viewer and
enter the IP address, I get connection refused 10061

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