Two network cards on XP with SP2

Geza Levai geza "at"
Wed Nov 9 19:59:01 2005

   I  am  using the free version of 4.0 on an XP machine with SP2. The PC
   has two NIC cards with IP addresses,
   the primary one is:,
   the secondary one is:
   How   can   I   configure   RealVNC   to   default  to  the  secondary
   subnet( instead of the primary one.?
   (I  have  the  subnet-  network  set to primary in the Network
   Neighborhood  advanced  settings  because  the  first  priority of the
   computer is to be reliable on THAT network.
   The  only reason I installed a 2nd NIC in the PC for that I can log in
   the PC with RealVNC remotely.)