can't connect

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Wed Nov 9 18:20:03 2005

You're still not giving us much detail. Are you on the same LAN as the
remote, or are you trying to connect across the internet? Also, if you're
connecting across the internet, are you sure you are using the *real* IP
address or are you using the "private" IP? i.e. are you using something like
a 192.168.x.y address or are you using something else? IS the remote behind
some sort of a DSL/Cable router? If so, have you done the appropriate
port-forwarding? If you've got a router in front of the server, what brand
and model? Also, have you verified that the server is "listening" by having
someone on the server side go to and have that
website scan?

Please give us some more details. Then we'll likely be able to help. 

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>This is pretty vague.  What troubleshooting have you
>done so far?  Have
>you eliminated firewalls and restarted computers?

At first I got the couldn't connect to the server.  I
couldn't ping the server either.  Then I shut down the
server firewall and can ping and apparently the viewer
now sees the server.  But the connection is refused.

My remote with the viewer is also beind a firewall,
but I can't change anything there.  

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