Setting diff. passwords for vncserver/s owned by a single user

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Tue Nov 8 14:47:01 2005


Why do you want to run things under a single Linux user account?  What
benefit does that provide you?

You may wish to consider VNC Enterprise Edition for Unix
(, which will allow you to
create separate accounts for the developers and have then connect to the
servers using those credentials, while also allowing you to add separate
access rights for a managing user (i.e. for yourself) for maintainance


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> Hi-
> I have been using vncserver on Linux and vncviewer on Windows 
> to manage
> my Unix servers.
> I am in the process of setting up vncservers for developers on a Linux
> server (Red Hat). I want to create a common user "vncuser" and run
> several vncserver's under this user and give access to developers to
> these servers. However, I want to setup different passwords 
> for each of
> the server owned by vncuser; so each developer has their 
> owner server to
> access. The developer will access vncserver via Windows VNC client.
> 1.	Is this possible? Following the documentation and using
> vncpasswd, changes the password for all the vncservers owned by the
> vncuser.
> 2.	Is there any other way to handle this? As I will have to manage
> these servers, I want to reduce the maintenance on managing these
> servers and thus want to create a single user on Linux.
> Thanks,
> -Vipul
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