Setting diff. passwords for vncserver/s owned by a single user

William Hooper whooper "at"
Tue Nov 8 14:10:03 2005

Vipul Patel wrote:

> 1.	Is this possible? Following the documentation and using
> vncpasswd, changes the password for all the vncservers owned by the
> vncuser.

You can use the "passwordFile=" parameter to change what password file the
VNC looks at, however...

> 2.	Is there any other way to handle this? As I will have to
> manage these servers, I want to reduce the maintenance on managing these
> servers and thus want to create a single user on Linux.

It will be completely worthless from a security standpoint, because any
VNC user can change any other VNC users password file if they are all the
same Linux user.  It would be much better (and less work) if you just use
the security already available and use different Linux users.

William Hooper