connection timed out (10060)

Joel Roberts joelrob "at"
Mon Nov 7 16:01:01 2005

I get this error when I mistakenly indicate the wrong port on the client
machine. I have two different servers I connect to, each on it's own port
so I can have the sessions up simultaneously. Whenever I forget to change
the port at the login screen, I get this same error.

Thank you,

Joel J Roberts
ODCS Network Specialist

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Paul LB Sam <samplb "at">
Sent by: vnc-list-admin "at"
11/05/2005 12:05 AM

vnc-list "at"

connection timed out (10060)

Hi, with correct server IP address; any suggestion or experience in

seeing 'unable to connect to host: connection timed out (10060)' message ?

It's all W2K environment at both server and client.


Best Regards,
Paul Sam
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