Public/Private Key Control

Michael Sigalos miguel.realvnc "at"
Mon Nov 7 15:49:01 2005

I'm interested in VNC Personal or Enterprise edition because of the apparent
support of encryption and identity key exchange.  I currently use OpenSSH
under Windows and RealVNC FE.  This setup is a bit of a kludge and as I
don't use OpenSSH for anything except to control access to the host and
encrypt the VNC session, I am hoping to simplify my setup by having RealVNC
handle all of this.  Unfortunately, I don't see any specifics about advanced
key administration.

Ideally, I'd like to have the viewer executable and it's key installed on a
removable USB drive for travel without having the viewer installing any key
information on the client.  I'd like to configure the server to only accept
connections from a specific set of known/trusted viewer keys and configure
the viewer to connect to a single known/trusted host key.  I've looked
through the docs but I don't see how this might be configured.  I've tested
the Enterprise application and can't find any key administration.  I've
tested a connection with the viewer it does warn before the first connection
to the "unknown" host, but I don't see where I can configure this in advance
of making a connection to ensure I am only connecting to the known host.

Is what I seek possible?  My other option is to go with WinSSHD and continue
using the free version of RealVNC but I'd prefer to have just a single
application handling this task.

Any advice or information is appreciated.