Single window sharing

Alessandro Cataldi alessandro_cataldi "at"
Mon Nov 7 10:38:01 2005

I'm trying to share a single window instead of the entire desktop. My attention is on the constructor of the DeviceFrameBuffer class (I'm talking about the Windows version).
I made the following changes:

// Try to get the handle of the active window (the result is not null)

HWND hGAW = GetForegroundWindow();


// Create a WindowDC object

WindowDC win = WindowDC(hGAW);


// Retrieve the device context of the window (again not null)

HDC myDev = win.operator HDC();


// get the rectangle relative to the device context

deviceCoords = DeviceContext::getClipBox(myDev); 


But the result is deviceCoords=( (0,0) , (0,0) )

Any suggestions?


Alessandro Cataldi

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