Keeping the client's IP address visible for a longer time

Dbag kingdbag "at"
Mon Nov 7 03:49:00 2005

John Lynes wrote:

>I've used this product for many years, and I must say that it has been a
>great tool. The only issue is keeping the IP address visible for a longer
>period of time. I normally have the person roll their mouse over the VNC
>icon in the systray, they read the IP, and I connect to them for
>troubleshooting. The IP goes away in roughly five seconds, and will not come
>back. Any thoughts about this? Thanks...
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It should pop up again once they move the mouse away and back over it. 
The time it stays up really isn't a VNC coding issue (at least I don't 
think). I believe its a windows mouse over limit. There might be a way 
in some properties window somewhere in windows or a registry setting you 
can change to keep the pop-up up longer I have never tryed it.

Anyone else have any idea?

Joe D