misinformation campaign

Steve Bostedor Steveb "at"
Sat Nov 5 22:42:00 2005

Have any of you stopped by lately?  I did today
and I was appalled at what they had to say about VNC.  They have been in
the VNC market place far too long to be able to claim ignorance to the
distributions of VNC that do EXACTLY what they claim VNC can not do.

They stated, "Any computer on which VNC is installed will provide total,
unfettered, and anonymous access to anyone, anywhere who connects with
an active password. Deployed in a business context, VNC represents an
unacceptable - and unnecessary - security and regulatory compliance

How can a company that has sucked so much money from the VNC community
(their VNC product and support was NOT cheap) do an about face and trash
on that very same product once they decide to write their own?!

I'm sorry, I just had to come up here and vent.  For the record,
UltraVNC and the RealVNC Enterprise Edition both support domain level
login for VNC contrary to the lies on the tridiaVNC website.  Things
like this just drive me crazy.

Thank you,

Steve Bostedor