connection timed out (10060)

Jerry Westrick jerry "at"
Sat Nov 5 09:54:01 2005

On Saturday 05 November 2005 08:05, Paul LB Sam wrote:
> Hi, with correct server IP address; any suggestion or experience in
> seeing 'unable to connect to host: connection timed out (10060)' message ?
> It's all W2K environment at both server and client.
> Thanks
> Best Regards,
> Paul Sam

Hi Paul the error msg means that the server is not running on the remote 
machine.  What it really happens is that the TCP/IP connection could not be 

The best way to debug this is using telnet in a dosbox.
Basically it goes like this:

telnet ipaddress portno

This tells telnet to open a tcp/ip connection to ipaddress on port portno.
You can have multiple VNCs running, so the portno VNC uses is quite flexible.
THe default port, (which I'm sure you didn't change did you?) is 5900.

When you run telnet you should get a line with "RFB 3" in it.  If you do then 
VNC server is running correctly  AND you can build a tcp/ip connection to it.

Now if Telnet gives you an error, then you got 2 possibilities:
1) the server is not running on the correct port.
2) the tcp/ip connection cannot be established.

On the same machine as the vnc server run:
telnet 5900

If you get the "RFB 3" msg, the server is running on the correct port.  
proceed to firewalls below:

If not your server is not running on the correct port.
1) look to see if vncserver is running at all.
if it is not, that is your problem.
if it is, the parameters are messed up, and it not listening to port 5900

Firewalls (Below):

(Sorry for the little joke there, just couldn't help myself).
Okay, Wher are we?
- Server is running on correct port on machine "S", 
- but Client on Machine "C" cannot connect.

Here I cannot give you a step-by-step...
but it is your firewall, Internet Security settings, or network settings.

Come back after you've done above...
We'll help you out wiht the next step...