RealVNC questions about ports and display number

Arthur Simpatico arthursim "at"
Fri Nov 4 16:16:39 2005

I agree.  I have about a dozen ports forwarded to my laptop over the
wireless connection.  I would've returned my router ages ago if I couldn't
use torrent or play games on it.

Unfortunately, I think it's just that many of the people complaining here
don't truly understand NAT and IP routing or more specifically, internal vs.
public IP addressing and how port forwarding affects things.

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> I too have used VNC Over wireless
> but it _ONLY_ works when I am initiating the connection
> NOT when I use the server portion _or_ the lisenting viewer.

In that case, you should contact your router manufacturer for support or a
replacement, since there is clearly something wrong with it if it can't
handle port forwarding to PCs attached via its wireless interface.


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