RealVNC questions about ports and display number

S. I. Becker stewart "at"
Fri Nov 4 16:13:00 2005

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> I have a seperate IP for each and a sepeate dedicated rule for each.
> I only run 11 or the other
> I have tried _ many_ combinations
> and have llearned that I need to switch to wired when I want toanswer an
> incoming support rquest

If you have separate IP addresses for the different connections, then you 
must use different (external) ports on your router, because it can't forward 
to both internal IP addresses at once.  One port will go to one IP address - 
usually the first in the table (regardless of whether that IP address is 
'live' or not).  This also means that you must have two copies of the Server 
on your laptop or do some port translation either in the router or on your 

What are the two IP addresses the laptop has? And what are all the rules, in 
order, that your router has?  Your earlier e-mail gave no rules that I could 
tell for your laptop's wireless IP address.

Stewart [NutmeG] Becker