RealVNC questions about ports and display number

evets dranem edranem "at"
Fri Nov 4 15:21:15 2005

Arthur Simpatico wrote:

>I have used Dlink and Linksys wireless routers without any problems for
>years with VNC over the wireless connection.  It must be something in your
>More specifically, right now I am using a Linksys WRT54G with no issues.
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>I'll reply to this message as a way of getting back on my soap box.  I have
>yet to find one retail router that can be used with VNC over the wireless
>connection.  I don't know what they are missing, but it's not the port
>forwarding part as I have another device that needs port forwarding and it
>works fine over wireless.  As James found out, they work fine over wired
>So, if someone knows of a retail router that can be used with VNC over the
>wireless connection, please let us know.
>>I have no problem coneting to my VNC inside my firewall ;-) [even when 
>>I have two firewalls in-line] I can connect to three machines inside
>>2 of windows XP Pro; Linux,
>>The problem I do have is connecting to my wireless  laptop althoug I 
>>can connect to it when it is hardwired
>>I can conect OUT with the wireless just not in
>>I can get clients to call me; I can call myself when I am off-site
>>D-Link 804v Router
>>Virtual Server Settings
>>RULE    inside     IP
>>03.   5903 ~ 5903    - Linux Mandrake 10.1 RealVNC 4.1
>>03.   88   ~ 88    - Linux Mandrake 10.1 WebServer
>>03.   22   ~ 22    - Linux Mandrake 10.1
>>04.     5907 ~ 5907    - XPPro Server VNC 4.1.1
>>05.     5905 ~ 5905    - Laptop Server [display Zero]
>>06.     5500 ~ 5500     - Listening Viewer
>>07.     5708 ~ 5708     - Laptop UserMode Steve
>>08.    5500 ~ 5500     - Laptop UserMode Dale
>>09.     5805 ~ 5805     - Laptop Java [display Zero]______________________________________________
I too have used VNC Over wireless
but it _ONLY_ works when I am initiating the connection

NOT when I use the server portion _or_ the lisenting viewer.