Request times out when using Java Web Connection from outside my LAN

evets dranem edranem "at"
Fri Nov 4 15:18:00 2005

Matt Cassarino wrote:

>I love this program! It works great, as long as I'm accessing my VNC server
>from within my LAN. I cannot access my VNC server from a computer outside my
>LAN. I've had friends try to access my VNC server via web browser and they
>aren't able to bring up any webpage.
>My IP address for the server is showing as
>however my IP is different than that? Is this due to my router? My Windows
>XP Firewall? (as I've made it readily apparent, networking is not my
>I send my friends to and they are not able to
>connect. Yet, if I go to this same address from another computer on my LAN,
>it brings up the Java app and password box. What gives?
>Also, a friend of mine in California (I am in Washington) shows the same IP
>address when he installed VNC server on his computer. So how is he supposed
>to connect to mine? Ahh, this is all so confusing. Especially when it works
>so well from within my LAN. We are both on Comcast...
>Anyways, I hope you don't think I've not looked at the FAQ, forums, and
>everywhere else -- I have. I just don't get it and so I decided to ask for
>help, officially.
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Try going to
it will tell you your internet IP
that would correspond to your router/firewall
you will thhen need to create a rule that your router forwards requests
for port 5900 to