Howto have simultaneous sessions on windows 2003 server ???

Alex Pelts alexp "at"
Fri Nov 4 04:56:00 2005

VNC does not provide functionality similar to terminal server. It only 
remotes the screen and keyboard. On unix-like oses it runs as xserver so 
you can do this by running multiple vncserver instances. On windows it 
does not work this way. You will need to use terminal server license and 
software. Terminal server plays some sort of trickery with os where it 
creates some virtual screens that are not displayed on the real one. VNC 
merely transmits changes on the display to the remote machine.


Michael D Schleif wrote:
> * Joel Roberts <joelrob "at"> [2005:11:03:13:17:14-0700] scribed:
>>It's my understanding that multiple users have to use different ports to
>>connect, we do the same thing here with multiple users logging on to the
>>same box, each one just has to specify a different port.
>>Thank you,
>>Joel J Roberts
>>ODCS Network Specialist
>>Phone: 303-924-9179
> Yes, of course.  What I cannot figure out is, HOW do you configure that
> on a Windows 2003 Server server ???
> When I logon to vnc on that server, right-click the icon, and configure
> properties; then, the next logon will ONLY go to that port, and ONLY use
> that one (1) password.  No longer can I logon to the previous port,
> using the previous password.
> What am I missing?
> What do you think?
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