Howto have simultaneous sessions on windows 2003 server ???

Michael D Schleif mds "at"
Fri Nov 4 02:46:01 2005

* Joel Roberts <joelrob "at"> [2005:11:03:13:17:14-0700] scribed:
> It's my understanding that multiple users have to use different ports to
> connect, we do the same thing here with multiple users logging on to the
> same box, each one just has to specify a different port.
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> Joel J Roberts
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Yes, of course.  What I cannot figure out is, HOW do you configure that
on a Windows 2003 Server server ???

When I logon to vnc on that server, right-click the icon, and configure
properties; then, the next logon will ONLY go to that port, and ONLY use
that one (1) password.  No longer can I logon to the previous port,
using the previous password.

What am I missing?

What do you think?

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