Request times out when using Java Web Connection from outside my LAN

Matt Cassarino mc "at"
Thu Nov 3 20:31:30 2005


I love this program! It works great, as long as I'm accessing my VNC server
from within my LAN. I cannot access my VNC server from a computer outside my
LAN. I've had friends try to access my VNC server via web browser and they
aren't able to bring up any webpage.

My IP address for the server is showing as<>,
however my IP is different than that? Is this due to my router? My Windows
XP Firewall? (as I've made it readily apparent, networking is not my

I send my friends to and they are not able to
connect. Yet, if I go to this same address from another computer on my LAN,
it brings up the Java app and password box. What gives?

Also, a friend of mine in California (I am in Washington) shows the same IP
address when he installed VNC server on his computer. So how is he supposed
to connect to mine? Ahh, this is all so confusing. Especially when it works
so well from within my LAN. We are both on Comcast...

Anyways, I hope you don't think I've not looked at the FAQ, forums, and
everywhere else -- I have. I just don't get it and so I decided to ask for
help, officially.



Matt Cassarino

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