Howto have simultaneous sessions on windows 2003 server ???

Joel Roberts joelrob "at"
Thu Nov 3 20:18:00 2005

It's my understanding that multiple users have to use different ports to
connect, we do the same thing here with multiple users logging on to the
same box, each one just has to specify a different port.

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11/03/2005 12:10 PM

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Howto have simultaneous sessions on windows 2003 server ???

Pardon my windoze ignorance; I'm a *NIX geek from the dawn of time ;>

I have installed vnc on a windows 2003 server; and it works as expected
when I vnc into it, as the one and only vnc user.

We have configured it so that multiple vnc sessions come in on same
port; but, of course, there is serious contention for the cursor ;<

We need to have several users remotely logged on to this server
simultaneously.  With Terminal Services, we can do this; but, T/M
raises other issues that we must avoid.

What am I missing?

What do you think?

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