RealVNC questions about ports and display number

Arthur Simpatico arthursim "at"
Thu Nov 3 16:09:00 2005

That's a very good point to bring up.  I use static IP assignments for my
wireless connection as well as the wired, since my router firmware allows
for static IP assignments based on the MAC address.  Without 'steady' IP
addresses, you will have problems with VNC'ing IN to that computer without a

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> The problem I do have is connecting to my wireless  laptop althoug I 
> can connect to it when it is hardwired
> I can conect OUT with the wireless just not in
> Using
> I can get clients to call me; I can call myself when I am off-site
> D-Link 804v Router
> Virtual Server Settings
> RULE    inside     IP
> 05.     5905 ~ 5905    - Laptop Server [display Zero]


Does your laptop have the same IP address no matter which connection it
uses?  For instance it has IP address when connected by cable,
but it might have a different one when connecting via wireless.  This is
something that's tripped me up before now.

Stewart [NutmeG] Becker
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