RealVNC questions about ports and display number

S. I. Becker stewart "at"
Thu Nov 3 15:42:01 2005

> The problem I do have is connecting to my wireless  laptop
> althoug I can connect to it when it is hardwired
> I can conect OUT with the wireless just not in
> Using
> I can get clients to call me; I can call myself when I am off-site
> D-Link 804v Router
> Virtual Server Settings
> RULE    inside     IP
> 05.     5905 ~ 5905    - Laptop Server [display Zero]


Does your laptop have the same IP address no matter which connection it 
uses?  For instance it has IP address when connected by cable, 
but it might have a different one when connecting via wireless.  This is 
something that's tripped me up before now.

Stewart [NutmeG] Becker