using a single viewer for multiple servers

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Wed Nov 2 03:42:00 2005

Boudreaux, Mark wrote:

>I tried looking but I haven't seen this topic addressed.  I want to use VNC
>in a classroom setting where the student computers will be servers and the
>teacher computer will use the viewer.  (I've seen plenty of threads trying
>to do the opposite - one server to multiple viewers.) But what I'm looking
>for is a way to have one viewer easily look at up to 30 servers
>simultaneously, without running 30 separate instances of the viewer.  Is
>there somebody who has already done something like this and knows of any way
>to make it happen?  It would be nice if it could be automated, since the
>hosts are always the same.  It would even be nicer if I could have all of
>the screens showing as thumbnail size and then they could be maximized as
>needed.  We're using a mix of Windows platforms - mostly 98 and XP.
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the item you want to do i launch 30 viewers
each pointing at the students PC

each window  will be unique
there are some utilties to tile windows
and you can maximize which ever window you are interested in

you will need substantial bandwidth
being inside the classroom if runnign 100 bas ethernet shoud be quite
as I have found VNC requires about 15K per second which is only 450K per
easi;y acheivable with 100 base ethernet