What on Earth is Session Zero?

James Weatherall jnw "at" realvnc.com
Tue Nov 1 23:26:36 2005

> But is it not the case that if I swap the ethernet plugs on 
> the router then my XP machine will become, and 
> the ME machine will be ?

No.  That's not how network addresses are assigned.  There is no
significance whatsoever to which port of the router the computer is plugged
into.  There might, for instance, be multiple computers attached to the same
port on the router.

Please contact your router manufacturer for documentation on how to use
their product.

> That might be enough to get things going, until I can figure 
> out how on earth I'm supposed to know every single port that 
> every other program might need so that I can do selective 
> port forwarding.

Programs that need ports forwarding by your router will state which ports
they need to have open in the documentation in the same way as VNC does.