What on Earth is Session Zero?

James Weatherall jnw "at" realvnc.com
Tue Nov 1 23:12:38 2005

> > What's the difference between a double colon and a single 
> colon, and 
> > why
> does
> > ip address:5900 work on the ME PC with a single colon?

Because VNC Viewer interprets display numbers outside the range 0-99 as port

> > Is ip address:0 what is meant by "session zero"?

No.  Session zero in the context of your enquiry refers to a particular
Windows logon session.  As I have previously stated, this has nothing
whatsover to do with the problems you're having.

> > Is ip address:20 session 20? Is ip address::5920 session 20?

No.  Port 5920 is the port number normally used by VNC "display" 20.  The
"display" number concept is more obvious under Unix systems, which can host
multiple VNC desktops for multiple users simultaneously.

> > Is ip address:5920 incorrect syntax?

No, that's perfectly valid.  VNC will intepret it as meaning connect to
address on port 5920, because the port is greater than 99.