What on Earth is Session Zero?

Stephen stephen "at" sptv.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 21:57:00 2005

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> Stephen wrote:
> >>> Inbound Services
> >>> #  Enable  Service Name  Action  LAN Server IP address  WAN Users  Log
> >>>  1   Yes Any(ALL)  ALLOW always  Any  Always
> >>> 2   Yes Any(ALL)  ALLOW always  Any  Always
> >>> Default  Yes  Any  BLOCK always  Any  Any  Never
> >>
> >> What brand and model of router?
> > Netgear DG834GT
> Thanks.
> According to the Netgear manual, you should be creating new services to
> forward specific ports from the internet to your internal machine.  Take a
> look at about page 5-12 for more information.
> >> Without more information, I would say your problem is that you are
> >> trying to forward all the ports to two machines, so your router is
> >> ignoring the second machine.
> >
> > I wasn't aware of this. I run Windows Media Encoder on both machines
> > at the same time). This includes Windows Media Server, and remote
> > connections from Windows Media Player are accepted by either machine.
> > router does not ignore the second machine in this case, nor for any
> > applications running on it, like Internet Explorer or Winamp.
> Internet Explorer and Winamp don't provide services to the Internet, so
> they wouldn't have an issue.
> > I will try swapping the ethernet cables on the router and see what
> > happens.
> The ethernet cables have nothing to do with this.  It is the order the
> firewall rules are applied.  Your existing rules appear to forward every
> port from the internet to your machine.  This probably isn't
> desired.

But is it not the case that if I swap the ethernet plugs on the router then
my XP machine will become, and the ME machine will be ?

That might be enough to get things going, until I can figure out how on
earth I'm supposed to know every single port that every other program might
need so that I can do selective port forwarding.