What on Earth is Session Zero?

William Hooper whooper "at" freeshell.org
Tue Nov 1 21:33:00 2005

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Stephen wrote:
>>> Inbound Services
>>> #  Enable  Service Name  Action  LAN Server IP address  WAN Users  Log
>>>  1   Yes Any(ALL)  ALLOW always  Any  Always
>>> 2   Yes Any(ALL)  ALLOW always  Any  Always
>>> Default  Yes  Any  BLOCK always  Any  Any  Never
>> What brand and model of router?
> Netgear DG834GT


According to the Netgear manual, you should be creating new services to
forward specific ports from the internet to your internal machine.  Take a
look at about page 5-12 for more information.

>> Without more information, I would say your problem is that you are
>> trying to forward all the ports to two machines, so your router is
>> ignoring the second machine.
> I wasn't aware of this. I run Windows Media Encoder on both machines (not
> at the same time). This includes Windows Media Server, and remote
> connections from Windows Media Player are accepted by either machine. The
> router does not ignore the second machine in this case, nor for any
> applications running on it, like Internet Explorer or Winamp.

Internet Explorer and Winamp don't provide services to the Internet, so
they wouldn't have an issue.

> I will try swapping the ethernet cables on the router and see what
> happens.

The ethernet cables have nothing to do with this.  It is the order the
firewall rules are applied.  Your existing rules appear to forward every
port from the internet to your machine.  This probably isn't

>> I see you have logging enabled, so why not look at the router log and
>> see what it says about your attempts to connect to the WinXP machine.
> I looked at the log over the period when I was last refused a connection.
>  The log makes no mention of the XP machine's local address (
>  except for 2 entries "Administrator login successful - IP:",
> which must have been when I was looking at the router settings remotely
> after the people at the other end had done an "Add New Client" for me.
> All
> the other log entries are for the Windows ME machine which I can initiate
> a Real VNC connection with,, even though I was not trying to
> use it at the time.

This would appear to confirm that your router is sending all ports to the
WinME machine.  Since your WinME machine isn't listening on port 5920, you
get the Connection Refused error in the VNC viewer.

William Hooper