What on Earth is Session Zero?

John Aldrich JAldrich "at" covista.com
Tue Nov 1 21:25:01 2005

Yep. You got it... IP:0 is "session zero" ie. IP::5900. You don't have to
type IP:5900 as port 5900 is the default.

Single colon is the session # you're trying to access (primarily on *nix
machines, but if you're using a non-standard port, you can access it that
way.) DOUBLE-Colon, i.e. :: is used to tell VNC that the next number is a
PORT number.

As for the syntax :5920, yes, that's incorrect syntax. You're telling it to
use session 5-thousand-nine-hundred-twenty, which doesn't exist. You should
either drop the "59" part or use double-colon. That is, either type "IP:20"
or "IP::5920".

At least that's what I understand from hanging around on this list for the
past year or so. :-)

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> That's the problem... you either need to do DOUBLE-colon 5920 or just :20
> (SINGLE-Colon)
> Best to do the DOUBLE-colon and the port number if you're using something
> other than the default, in my personal opinion. Give that a shot and see
> it works.

I will try this next time I get a chance. What's the difference between a
double colon and a single colon, and why does
ip address:5900 work on the ME PC with a single colon? Is ip address:0 what
is meant by "session zero"? Is ip address:20 session 20? Is ip address::5920
session 20? Is ip address:5920 incorrect syntax?