What on Earth is Session Zero?

William Hooper whooper "at" freeshell.org
Tue Nov 1 20:38:00 2005

Stephen wrote:
> The router is configured to allow everything inbound to both as
> here:
> Inbound Services
> #  Enable  Service Name  Action  LAN Server IP address  WAN Users  Log
> 1   Yes Any(ALL)  ALLOW always  Any  Always
> 2   Yes Any(ALL)  ALLOW always  Any  Always
> Default  Yes  Any  BLOCK always  Any  Any  Never

What brand and model of router?

Without more information, I would say your problem is that you are trying
to forward all the ports to two machines, so your router is ignoring the
second machine.

I see you have logging enabled, so why not look at the router log and see
what it says about your attempts to connect to the WinXP machine.

William Hooper