What on Earth is Session Zero?

Stephen stephen "at" sptv.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 19:22:03 2005

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> Does XP Home allow you to run "netstat -a" in a command window?
> You should see the following lines if VNC is listening:
>   TCP    <name-of-xp-box>:5800     <name-of-xp-box>:0        LISTENING
>   TCP    <name-of-xp-box>:5900     <name-of-xp-box>:0        LISTENING

Yes it does. Below is my result from netstat -a on the XP PC.This was after
connecting it with "Add New Client" from the remote end, and starting up
Windows Media Encoder on Port 8080. The RealVNC ports are 5920 and 5820. A
Windows ME computer ( on the router also at the remote end) uses
Real VNC on 5900 and 5800 when it is on, and I CAN get into to that one with
RealVNC Viewer. The refusal to connect on the XP PC I need ( on
the router at the remote end) does not change whether the ME PC is on or
off. The router is configured to allow everything inbound to both as here:

Inbound Services
 #  Enable  Service Name  Action  LAN Server IP address  WAN Users  Log
 1   Yes Any(ALL)  ALLOW always  Any  Always
 2   Yes Any(ALL)  ALLOW always  Any  Always
 Default  Yes  Any  BLOCK always  Any  Any  Never

netstat -a
Active Connections

  Proto  Local Address           Foreign Address        State
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:epmap   YOUR-91C305C62F:0      LISTENING
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:microsoft-ds   YOUR-91C305C62F:0      LISTENING
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:2869    YOUR-91C305C62F:0      LISTENING
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:5820    YOUR-91C305C62F:0      LISTENING
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:5920    YOUR-91C305C62F:0      LISTENING
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:8080    YOUR-91C305C62F:0      LISTENING
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:1028    YOUR-91C305C62F:0      LISTENING
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:netbios-ssn   YOUR-91C305C62F:0      LISTENING
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:1049    sptv.demon.co.uk:5500  ESTABLISHED
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:8080    sptv.demon.co.uk:1159  ESTABLISHED
  TCP    YOUR-91C305C62F:8080    sptv.demon.co.uk:1174  FIN_WAIT_2
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:microsoft-ds   *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:isakmp   *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:1069    *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:4500    *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:ntp     *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:1035    *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:1900    *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:ntp     *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:netbios-ns   *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:netbios-dgm   *:*
  UDP    YOUR-91C305C62F:1900    *:*

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> Subject: RE: What on Earth is Session Zero?
> > Stephen:
> > Are you running any antivirus software, such as "Norton Internet
> Security"?
> > There is sufficient anecdotal evidence that some antivirus products
> actively
> > block VNC because they perceive it as "malware" due to the fact that it
> > could be misused.
> >
> > The first thing I would try is to connect from your Windows ME box to
> > XP box and see if that works. If it doesn't, try the following:
> > Start ->Run ->Telnet <ip.of.xp.box> 5900
> > and see if you get an "RFB" prompt. If you don't, then your machine is
> > accepting connections. My XP Pro box appears to be having the same
> problem,
> > but I'm not blaming it on VNC, because it works fine on other XP boxes.
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