Problems with XP to XP connection

Greg Gavalakis gav "at"
Tue Nov 1 19:11:02 2005

I just set up RealVNC on my computer (2 year old, well-stocked Dell w/
window XP) and my dad's computer (3 year old, medium performance Dell w/
XP). He's running VNC Server in User Mode and I'm running the viewer. I can
initiate contact and get things running fine, but after about 5-10 minutes,
things start to "freeze up." First to freeze up is his entire task bar.
Then, after another 5-10 minutes the rest of the session freezes up.
I have shut off my anti-virus and all other unused items in my system tray.
I've told him to do the same. ANY insight as to why this might be happening
and what I can do remedy the situation? We're both running v4.1.1.