Accept Connections From

John Aldrich JAldrich "at"
Tue Nov 1 16:34:00 2005

Chalk this one up as "Resolved." I didn't realize I had the SSH tunnel
configured to tunnel 5900 as well as the other VNC ports I'm using. As soon
as I reconfigured the tunnel, and restarted it, I was able to VNC to my XP
box! I figured I'd pass this along just in case someone else has this
problem in the future and is using an SSH tunnel. :-)

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> Follow-up: I changed the port number to 5959 and I was able to connect. I
> have an existing SSH tunnel to my linux box at home. I'm going to guess
> that since that was set to tunnel 5900, that was the problem. I'm going to
> close and reconfigure the tunnel to not use 5900 and see if that fixes it
> for me.
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> 	I've got a problem, that I think is related to the "accept
> connections from" info... I'm getting the "Connection Refused 10061" error
> here trying to access my XP Pro box. In my VNC Server options it just said
> "+" in there, so I changed it to  I do NOT get a "login"
> box, just the prompt to put in the name/ip of the machine I want to
> connect to and it tries to connect. Before I get the login prompt, I get
> the connection refused error.
> 	As I said, I *think* it may be related to that, but I don't know for
> sure. I'm trying to connect across the LAN, just across the room in my
> office to be exact. I have made sure that the firewall is *DISABLED* and
> even done my usual suggestion of allowing winvnc4.exe to pass the firewall
> and allowed port 5900 through the firewall, again even though it's
> disabled.
> 	I'd like to be able to connect to my machine from home (through the
> VPN here at work) if I need to.
> 		Thanks
> 		John