What on Earth is Session Zero?

Steven D. Clark sdclark "at" cnrgroup.com
Tue Nov 1 15:55:01 2005

Does XP Home allow you to run "netstat -a" in a command window?
You should see the following lines if VNC is listening:

  TCP    <name-of-xp-box>:5800     <name-of-xp-box>:0        LISTENING
  TCP    <name-of-xp-box>:5900     <name-of-xp-box>:0        LISTENING

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> Stephen:
> Are you running any antivirus software, such as "Norton Internet
> There is sufficient anecdotal evidence that some antivirus products
> block VNC because they perceive it as "malware" due to the fact that it
> could be misused.
> The first thing I would try is to connect from your Windows ME box to your
> XP box and see if that works. If it doesn't, try the following:
> Start ->Run ->Telnet <ip.of.xp.box> 5900
> and see if you get an "RFB" prompt. If you don't, then your machine is not
> accepting connections. My XP Pro box appears to be having the same
> but I'm not blaming it on VNC, because it works fine on other XP boxes.
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