What on Earth is Session Zero?

Stephen stephen "at" sptv.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 13:22:01 2005

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> Of course it works.  I use it every day.

Are you running the server on XP Home edition, as this appears to be where
the incompatibility lies?

> Attacking someone's software ("does do only one thing...") while trying
> to get them to help you is a dubious proposition at best.
> I don't know what's wrong with your setup, but IIRC tightVNC and RealVNC
> have diverged a bit, so if neither works, it's almost certainly
> something in your environment that's wrong.
> The fact that it works if someone does an AddClient seems interesting to
> me, but I think the next that I would try, is to swap the ip addresses
> between the XP Home and Windows ME machines, and see what happens.  If
> the problem follows the ip address, then it's clearly something in your
> router setup.  If it doesn't, then it's something on your XP home
> machine.  It could be something as simple as desktop control software,
> some fancy screensaver or desktop add on, or something like that.
> -Kelly
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> Subject: What on Earth is Session Zero?
> I am getting really really fed up with RealVNC. All it will ever ever do
> is
> say Connection Refused Eror 10061, and yes I have checked every single
> thing
> to do with firewalls over and over again, all firewalls are completely
> off,
> RealVNC viewer and server are exceptions in Windows Firewall list
> anyway.
> The exact same system works with a Windows ME PC on the same router, and
> no
> the other PC is not switched on, and no I do not use the same port
> number,
> yes the server is running on the XP PC, yes I am accessing the right PC.
> It DOES work if I phone someone at the other end and get them to
> initiaite
> the connection with "Add New Client", but it is never possible to
> connect
> from my end with RealVNC viewer, or http in Internet Explorer. Because
> "Add
> New Client" is the only thing that has ever worked, it means that the
> full
> extent of the usefulness of RealVNC is that it can be used if there is
> someone at the other end 24 hours a day who can be contacted by phone to
> Add
> New Client manually to initiate the connection. This is not how we want
> remote control software to work.
> I e-mailed Real VNC's help and support explaining the reality of Real
> for the ordinary (XP Home) user, "it is a piece of software which can
> and
> does do only one thing: put a message on the screen which says
> "Connection
> Refused" - in the REAL world RealVNC does not work." Their reply was,
> "current releases of VNC Server will only allow session zero to be
> accessed
> remotely, and this may best be ensured by disabling Fast User Switching
> nor
> Remote Desktop in some cases. Disabling these features is described in
> the
> Windows XP documentation, which may be accessed via the "Help and
> Support"
> entry in the Start Menu of your Windows XP system."
> I have disabled Fast User Switching and Remote Desktop, and it has made
> no
> difference at all. What difference should it make? How is anyone
> supposed to
> know what SESSION ZERO is? What is it? I see no mention of session zero
> in
> Real VNC or in Windows XP Help. If attempting to get RealVNC to work
> relies
> on an understanding of the meaning of "Session Zero", then no ordinary
> computer user can ever be expected to
> use RealVNC.
> Can someone please point me in the direction of a remote control Server
> which DOES work on Windows XP Home Edition? NOT Real VNC Server, NOT
> TightVNC Server (I have been down the same path with this and it also
> refuses to connect), NOT Windows Remote Desktop Server (deliberately
> disabled by Microsoft in XP Home Edition), NOT Microsoft Netmeeting
> Server
> (also deliberately disabled by Microsoft in XP Home Edition.) Is my
> problem
> because this deliberate disabling also disables Real VNC Server?
> and should not be advertised as though it is. Has anyone EVER had the
> remote
> control Server running correctly and accepting connections on Windows XP
> HOME Edition?
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