What on Earth is Session Zero?

Stephen stephen "at" sptv.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 11:49:01 2005

I am getting really really fed up with RealVNC. All it will ever ever do is
say Connection Refused Eror 10061, and yes I have checked every single thing
to do with firewalls over and over again, all firewalls are completely off,
RealVNC viewer and server are exceptions in Windows Firewall list anyway.
The exact same system works with a Windows ME PC on the same router, and no
the other PC is not switched on, and no I do not use the same port number,
yes the server is running on the XP PC, yes I am accessing the right PC.

It DOES work if I phone someone at the other end and get them to initiaite
the connection with "Add New Client", but it is never possible to connect
from my end with RealVNC viewer, or http in Internet Explorer. Because "Add
New Client" is the only thing that has ever worked, it means that the full
extent of the usefulness of RealVNC is that it can be used if there is
someone at the other end 24 hours a day who can be contacted by phone to Add
New Client manually to initiate the connection. This is not how we want
remote control software to work.

I e-mailed Real VNC's help and support explaining the reality of Real VNC
for the ordinary (XP Home) user, "it is a piece of software which can and
does do only one thing: put a message on the screen which says "Connection
Refused" - in the REAL world RealVNC does not work." Their reply was,
"current releases of VNC Server will only allow session zero to be accessed
remotely, and this may best be ensured by disabling Fast User Switching nor
Remote Desktop in some cases. Disabling these features is described in the
Windows XP documentation, which may be accessed via the "Help and Support"
entry in the Start Menu of your Windows XP system."

I have disabled Fast User Switching and Remote Desktop, and it has made no
difference at all. What difference should it make? How is anyone supposed to
know what SESSION ZERO is? What is it? I see no mention of session zero in
Real VNC or in Windows XP Help. If attempting to get RealVNC to work relies
on an understanding of the meaning of "Session Zero", then no ordinary
computer user can ever be expected to
use RealVNC.

Can someone please point me in the direction of a remote control Server
which DOES work on Windows XP Home Edition? NOT Real VNC Server, NOT
TightVNC Server (I have been down the same path with this and it also
refuses to connect), NOT Windows Remote Desktop Server (deliberately
disabled by Microsoft in XP Home Edition), NOT Microsoft Netmeeting Server
(also deliberately disabled by Microsoft in XP Home Edition.) Is my problem
because this deliberate disabling also disables Real VNC Server?

and should not be advertised as though it is. Has anyone EVER had the remote
control Server running correctly and accepting connections on Windows XP
HOME Edition?