Listening VNC Viewer

Angelo Sarto angelosarto "at"
Fri Jun 3 13:46:01 2005

A listening Viewer allows the "Server" computer to connect to you.

Situation: I am running a vnc server on my computer and I want your
help, but I am behind a firewall so you can't connect to me...
You, being technically savvy, set up your router to forward port 5500
to your machine and then you launch a listening viewer.  Now I click
on my tray icon and select Add new client and type your IP.  Now you
can help me!

It is still the same program the difference is in which end initiates
the connection.


On 6/3/05, Kampert, Kimberly <KKAMPERT "at"> wrote:
> What is the difference between Listening VNC Viewer and VNC Viewer?
> Thanks,
> Kimberly
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