TightVNC v Ultra VNC - Which is best?

Alex Pelts alexp "at" broadcom.com
Wed Aug 17 19:59:01 2005

I have tried several VNC variants and they all have some minor or not so 
minor issues. Depending on your requirements "the best" could be different.

If you want the most seamless experience and work a lot remotely, 
RealVNC is the best in my opinion. It handles keys in most intuitive way 
and the screen updates, although slow, are always accurate. It probably 
is not so good over slow connections but I have little experience with 
slow connections. Unix variant in my opinion is perfect in all respects.

UltraVNC has the fastest screen update speed. It is very much comparable 
with running XVnc on linux and windows remote desktop. The "ultra" 
encoding does not work really well but other encodings are OK. It messes 
up colors when palette is reduced to 256 colors and below. UltraVNC has 
more features like file transfer and chat. Personally I do not use these 
features. If you are securing your connection using ssh you probably 
want to use other tools.

I have tried TightVnc before and on linux it was OK but on windows it 
was pretty buggy. I need to get my work done so basically TightVnc was 
dismissed. It may have improved since.

My current setup consists of UltraVNC server with mirror driver and 
RealVNC viewer. Although colors are incorrect I like the responsiveness 
of emacs. Even cursor blinking is transmitted. I like the ability of the 
RealVNC client to transmit special keys like Alt+Tab and windows keys to 
the server. UltraVNC sever passes keys correctly but viewer cant capture 
them yet.

In the future, when mirror driver support will be available in the EE of 
RealVNC it will by my pick but for now it is a combination of the two.


Gareth Davies, Aberdeen Internet wrote:
> Have been trying TightVNC but having had a quick look at UltraVNC it looks
> appealing. Looks like a bit nicer interface and some other advantages such
> as chat, and rescaling viewer to fit window. And did I read somewhere that
> it's normally faster? (I just need for between Windows PCs). 
> Can anyone advise what are the other pros and cons between the two programs
> and which is best choice overall. 
> Many thanks. 
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