VNC Viewer : Error "unable to connect to hotst: Connection refused (10061)"

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Fri Nov 19 11:17:00 2004


10061 means that the server computer was contactable, but not accepting
connections on the port you were trying to connect to.  This might be
because VNC Server 4 was not running, or because it couldn't open the
required port.

Given that you are running 3.3.3R3 alongside 4, I'd guess that you started 4
after you started 3.3.3R3 and that you haven't told 4 to run on a different
port number yet - in that case it will try to open the same port as 3.3.3R3,
fail, and not try to re-open that port until it is restarted or a setting is


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> I get this error when I attempt to connect from my laptop to 
> the VNCserver 4.0 that I installed on my home PC.  I can 
> connect if I use
> v.3.3.3 R3 that is also installed on this laptop.  I was able 
> to connect once from this laptop using 4.0 (Monday night 
> 11/15) and my bro-in-law has no problem with 4.0 from his 
> PCs, however, something about my install here is "off".
> All advice cheerfully accepted.  
> Ron
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