Allow Shutdown not in system registry

William Hooper whooper "at"
Wed Mar 31 18:27:01 2004

E. Sprow said:
> Hello,
> hmmm.....I've read through the documentation for VNC 4.  You state that
> 4 'doesn't need that option';

I didn't notice that you mentioned VNC 4 or I would have said something
the first time.

> I may be having a mental block here, but where in VNC 4 does it tell me
> how
> to make it so that the server cannot be shut down by someone sitting in
> front of the computer?

VNC 4 doesn't provide the option from the icon in the system tray.  The
only way to shut down the service is using Windows tools.  If the user has
sufficient privileges to stop a service then there isn't much VNC can do

William Hooper