screensaver and lost connection problems

Tom Helfrich thelfric "at"
Wed Mar 31 15:25:01 2004

     I was wondering if someone could help me out with a couple questions.
I have VNV 4.0b4 installed on my windows workstation and version 3.3.3 of
the server installed on an AIX box. The problem I have is that I had a
connection open to the server from my pc, but then my pc crashed due to a
problem not related to VNC. Unfortunately, I think the server assumes I'm
still connect, because whenever I try to reconnect again from the viewer, I
get about 2 seconds of the desktop on my pc, then the VNC will
crashes/closes. So effectively, I can't get into the VNC session. I can
look on the AIX box and see that the session is still running. I could
always kill the process and start over, but I'd rather reconnect so I don't
have to restart any of the application I had running. Any Ideas?

Also, when I try to connect to the pc from my AIX box using x2vnc, (allows
me to share mouse and keyboard), everything works great. Until the
screensaver kicks in. Then I can't seem to get the WinVNC to notice the
mouse and keyboard anymore, and I have to manually go to the pc and type in
the password that way. After the screen is restored, the connections still
work fine.  I previously had version 3.3.7 of WinVNC installed and never
had this problem. I do have the "allow input events to affect sreensaver"
checked in the setup.Not really sure what I can do at this point. Any help
would be great! Thnx!