Allow Shutdown not in system registry

E. Sprow brakepro "at"
Wed Mar 31 15:06:01 2004


I am trying to make it so that the people sitting in front of the 'host'
machine cannot shut down the vnc server.

Looking at the documentation in vnc server for advanced options, I see what
looks like instructions on how to make that happen, by changing a value in the
system registry.

However, when I follow the exact string to get to the place where the value
for 'allow shutdown' should be, 'allow shutdown' is not there.

I am using vnc 4.0, and when I go into the system registry, the vnc server is
running (not the viewer though).

Am I looking in the wrong place?


I go into the first list of items, allow shutdown isn't there.  I go into the
'default' file, and allow shutdown isn't there either.  There is no other file
for me to browse here.