server closes connection with NIS enabled

E. Sprow brakepro "at"
Sun Mar 28 22:51:01 2004

Hate to be a PEST but...

While enviable others have no problems using Norton 2003 with vnc, I am in a
fix. I am running the following:

os:  winxp
vnc:   4.0
NIS: Norton Internet Security Professional 2003

I have installed the full version on all my machines.  I can make connections
to hosts only when NIS is disabled on the remote (viewer) end.  With it
enabled, I get:
"server closed connection unexpectedly".

NIS doesn't get a chance to do anything, it is a vnc error box that first
comes up.  When I access the event log in NIS, I see "vnc viewer is attempting
to access the internet for the first time:"

Then , nothing.  NIS never gives me an option to choose to allow to permit or
not.  I get a vnc error first.  I have looked at archives for the server
closes...message.  Nothing really seems to apply here.  Help again Please!!