i can not access the server (linux woody ) by using viewer under windows 2000 !!help

ayman amin aymandb "at" tedata.net.eg
Sun Mar 28 12:23:01 2004

Hi All,

my problem as it is , I have OS windows2000 and have a os Linux woody and 2
system is connected via a LAN network , I would like to view a Linux desktop
from windows so I have download the VNC viewer (windows version) and installed
it on my windows 2000 OS and I have download the VNC server (Linux version)
and installed it on my Linux woody OS and I follow the steps but nothing work
it is gives me a error message (VNC INFO Failed to connect to server) in the
same time I can access this server by using program like netrem but just for
command only not a graphical interface like VNC . so please help me what I can
do to solve this problem .

Best Regards,,
ayman amin