Hiding SysTray Icon

myron_in_da_house@yahoo.co.uk myron_in_da_house "at" yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 27 14:33:01 2004

Thing is, the need to hide the System Tray Icon in some cases is legitimate.  I'm working on a program to actually seek out the VNC system tray icon and prevent VNC server from creating it in the first place.  It will take quite a long time for me to do this with the workload I've got as I wish to also put the source code under the GNU licence.

I have actually cobbled up something for the organisation I work for to do just this, but I'm using copyrighted routines from a few programs I wrote myself and from an in-house system so, unfortunate, I can't release this version.  Besides that, the hurried initial version `seems stable`, but then I have total control of the network environment I manage.

I think Mr. VNC developer really needs to trust the people using VNC.

The reason I went to all the trouble of hiding the VNC system tray icon is because a member of staff was always making a particular mistake, which was playing havoc with  the production control system, but was very careful in case I would look-in.

After I hid the icon, that person resumed the normal pattern of working the computer and while I was looking in covertly, I spotted the mistake and added the necessary extra dumb-user checks to that particular part of the production system.

Thing is, while that person knew that I was observing, or though tI was observing, nothing went wrong, apart from wasting my time.

This person since came to me and complained that the "shortcut used within the program is now missing" and I then explained that I had found the problem and corrected it.  I didn't say I was spying.

The problem was the user's attitude that the person will do it his/her way and won't be told any different.

So, I would vote to make available the icon for VNC server to be hidden, or at least show it, but have the option to stop it turning black once a session is started.

At 09:30 27/03/2004, you wrote:
>You could set the AllowProperties option to zero. This will not prevent the
>systray icon from appearing, but will prevent users to view (and hence
>change) the settings.
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>if you do that Winvnc won't start anymore when windows starts up, and i
>think that isn't what you need.everything that's under
>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run   starts
>when windows starts.
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>>       Open regedit and from the registry key
>>remove the "WinVNC" value.
>>       You might also need to remove the shortcuts from the Start menu.
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>>Is there any way I can hide the sys tray icon if realVNC is running on
>>9x or XP? I am sys admin for a school, and I don't want kids going around
>>playing with the settings.
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